PE Sports Premium

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How we use our Sports Funding

The Government announced in February 2014 that Sports Premium Funding will be extended to 2020. This year, our Sports Premium will be used towards:

    • Membership of East Shropshire Sports Partnership
    • Transport (i.e. coaches) hired to transport pupils to competition/event venues
    • Pupil training e.g. Yr 6 Bronze Ambassador training
    • Staff training to increase sustainability of the delivery of PE

Through the East Shropshire Sports Partnership, Buildwas Academy will take part in the competitions during the academic year:

    • High 5 Netball League
    • Year 6 Activity Afternoon
    • KS2 Cross Country
    • Cound Cricket Festival
    • KS2 Paralympic Festival

*The East Shropshire Sports Partnership (ESSP) support intra- and inter-school competitions for pupils across East Shropshire at local and national level and training for pupils & staff.

Mission Statement:

“The East Shropshire Schools Sports Partnership is committed to providing a high quality, needs driven service for PE and School Sport through an infrastructure of CREATIVE, INFORMED and EMPATHETIC staff. We believe that sport has the power to positively affect the lives of all young people.”

What is the East Shropshire Sports Partnership?

A needs driven service for PE and School Sport operating across a network of 28 Primary and Secondary schools within East Shropshire. Partnership staff include a Manager based at Idsall School and 5 School Games Coordinators based at all state secondary schools in the East Shropshire area. All members of this team are qualified, experienced PE practitioners who work together to deliver a strategy for PE and School Sport created and monitored by partner Primary and Secondary schools.

Main areas of this Strategy include:

    • The management and organisation of Intra- and Inter-School Competition as part of the national School Games programme
    • Student Leadership – the identification, training and deployment of students as sports leaders from Year 5 to Year 13
    • Support for Physical Education – including the planning and delivery of PE at all key stages across all schools
    • Increasing participation – support for out of school hours’ sport programmes to encourage more young people to be active and participate in sport
    • Identifying talented young performers in sport and signposting them towards opportunities to further develop their talent
    • Volunteering and coaching – identifying, training and deploying volunteers and sports coaches into all areas of the programme

Our partnership is funded via contributions from our partner schools, the Department for Education (DfE) and the Department for Culture, Media and Sport through Sport England. This funding maintains the network of staff:

    • One PE and School Sport Development Manager – full time, based at Idsall School, with overall management of the partnership and the School Games programme
    • 5 School Games Co-ordinators (SGCos) – 2 days a week, responsible for working with their Secondary school and ‘family’ of Primary schools

Please click to read our PE Sports Funding Plan: