Road Safety and Getting to School

We are working to improve road safety outside the School and your support as parents is crucial.

A ‘Safe Parking Charter’ was introduced for parents with advice for recommended places to park before and after school for drop-off and collection. Please find information below.

Due to the limited parking space outside the rear of the school, the Advisory Board is concerned about the safety of pupils around vehicles when they are arriving at and leaving the school premises. Although we are aware that many parents drive carefully outside the school, there has been communication from residents recently regarding parking before and after school. Also, the school bus can find it difficult to manoeuvre.

 Please read the advice below and familiarise yourselves with the map showing recommended places to park to ease congestion. Please share with anyone else who might drive to and from school.

If it is possible, please consider car sharing; walking your child to and from school; or encouraging your child to cycle (ensuring that they have had Bikeability or other road awareness training).

Remember that children’s safety is everyone’s responsibility. We also suggest that if parents observe illegal or dangerous parking they should report it at once to the police. If you have any suggestions on how to improve parking, then please let us know.

The yellow highlighted areas show alternative places for parents to park:

Safe Parking Charter –